The Au Co

The Au Co Luxury Cruise features two large steel ships with dimensions of 55.29m in length and 10.43m in width. As a luxury cruise, all facilities and amenities have high standard and top quality. Advanced safety system is installed. In addition, the structure of a steel ship allows The Au Co to sail further into the Gulf of Tonkin on a 3 day 2 night itinerary. With luxurious oriental design, The Au Co Cruise offers fine dining on board, spacious cabin with private balcony or terrace. Other leisure activity is also available such as spa, Jacuzzi. All is made to make sure an unique experience when guests cruising Halong with The Au Co Cruise.

The Au Co Luxury Cruise

Key Facts

Number of vessels:  2

Crew per boat:       45

Cabin per boat:      32

Guest per boat:      64 to 80

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