Captain Bridge & Engine Room Tour

This is a special tour offered by the Captain. On the tour, you will get access to the Captain's Bridge. This is a room from which captain commands the ship. It is designed to allow a near 360-degree view of the ship. Unlike its older counterparts, The Au Co is a modern ship which uses a plethora of electronic gadgets to navigate and operate the ship. Continuing the tour, guests will visit the engine room; the most import place on the whole ship besides the bridge. The engine room is situated near the base of the ship, covering the entire area of one end. The Au Co cruise is powered by two Japanese Yanmar engines and two generators. The combined output of the ship's generators is well above the actual power requirement to accommodate maintenance or the loss of one generator. The engine room is the workplace of our experienced marine engineers. This tour offers guests a chance to see backstage of The Au Co and understand how we ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

Time and Location
This tour to explore The Au Co will start at 2:30 pm, on the second day. The bridge is on terrace deck, on the ship's bow. Located underneath the bottom compartment, a visit to the engine room will require you to go downstairs. 

Listen to the introduction before the engine room tour. Inside it will be noisy.
Please move in straight file inside the engine room to make sure you follow the right way. 

The Au Co Cruise Captain Bridge and Engine Room visitThe Au Co Cruise Captain Bridge and Engine Room visitThe Au Co Cruise Captain Bridge and Engine Room visit
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