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The Au Co drydock schedule in 2017

To ensure our flawless safety and finest operation, annual drydock is compulsory for the whole Bhaya Group’s fleet of 18 cruise ships. Periodically, the ships will go into drydock. For steel ship like The Au Co, it is  once in every 2 years.
After hundreds of voyages taking guests to discover stunning Halong Bay, the ship will take a rest and be lifted out of the water. During drydock period, the cruise ships receive a routine maintenance including machine and also part of the ship that are under water line. 

Bhaya Group's Drydock

The whole security system will be rechecked and enhancements will be provided where it’s needed. Drydock also consists of some cosmetic upgrades such as new carpet, new wall coverings...etc. Especially, the hull is cleaned of the marine plants then painted with anticorrosive and anti-fouling paints to assure a brand new look until next drydock period.

The Au Co Drydock 2017
When all the enhancements and check are finished, experts from industry and government will make an inspection. An permission will be issued to certify that the ship meets both security standards and requirements as a hospitality property.
By thorough maintenance, we are proud and confident that our cruise fleet are always at the best condition for smooth Halong Bay discovery. To make sure you have a perfect cruise, Bhaya Group staffs and mechanics keep working hard under the drydock as schedule every year.

The official schedule for The Au Co dry dock enhancements this year is as follow. 




The Au Co Cruise 1 - QN8889


The Au Co Cruise 1 - QN8889


The Au Co Cruise 2 -QN8989

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