Cat Ba Island view

Cat Ba Island

The Cat Ba archipelago, recognized as world biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2004, is located in the south of Halong Bay, off the coast of Quang Ninh Province, approximately 25 km away from Halong City. The Island is one of a must-go itinerary in Halong Bay Tours. 
Cat Ba Island, meaning The Island of Ladies, has also earned itself the moniker “The Jade Island” because of its unique and precious beauty. The largest island in the archipelago covers an area of 285 km2 and includes Cat Ba national park. Featuring thousands of trademark limestone islets, the Cat Ba archipelago forms a magnificent landscape much akin to its neighbor, Halong Bay. 
In addition to the natural scenery, the diverse range of flora and fauna species endemic to the area make the Cat Ba archipelago an area of global importance and concern, most notably the Cat Ba langur which is currently listed as one of the ten rarest primates in the world. This critically endangered species, of which there are only 60 known individuals, is strictly protected in Cat Ba national park. 
Upon visiting the Cat Ba archipelago, travelers will have a variety of activities available to them. Discover secluded beaches by kayak or swim in the emerald waters at the feet of spectacular mountains. Trek through tropical evergreen forests and explore an ecosystem unlike anywhere else in the world. Guests will have the opportunity to make a tour and experience the breathtaking beauty of Cat Ba Island by bicycle and visit local communities for a taste of traditional, rural Vietnamese culture.  
Let's enjoy the journey through Viet Hai village & Cat Ba island!
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