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  • Frank Milbenburg (Dutch)

    Cruise date: 26th July 2014
    It was a great cruise. Tks for making our honeymoon so wonderful.

  • Dinh Trinh-Alexis (Canadian)

    Cruise date: 26th July 2014
    Great work,the team is super hard working,friendly and helpful. Keep it up. We readlly enjoyed the cruise. Tks very much.

  • Chitesri (Indian)

    Cruise date: 25th July 2014
    Everything was excellent,the service,the food and the excursions. I'd especially like thank the chef for preparing such excellent veg food. Althrough I do not eat much, I have eaten more food these past three days than the last two months. 

  • Doan Quoc Ba (Vietnamese)

    Cruise date: 24th July 2014
    I think all the things on board is much more than excellent.Tks all and hope to see you again. Best wish for you.

  • SomareLathowes (Dutch)

    Cruise date: 24th July 2014
    It was a trip paradise,no comments,we had a great time. The ribs never had such a tasty spring roll and the BBQ…it was breath taling in all.Tks so much.

  • Jennie Mariah (USA)

    Cruise date: 23rd July 2014
    The entire experience was wonderful. Auco has a wonderful ship and amazing staff. We would have been happy to cruise another day and night. The Taichi class was quite fun. A litte hot and difficult to follow but I will continue to practice at home. The floating village was interesting but we did not get the opportunity to see our photo that was take nor did we have  time to see the soevernier  shop. It was all wonderful! I would recommend it.

  • Tran Thuy Hoa (Vietnamese)

    Cruise date: 24th July 2014
    Toàn bộ nhân viên đều rất nhiệt tình chu đáo. Hẹn gặp lại Âu Cơ vào năm 2015.

  • Niamh Manning (Irish)

    Cruise date 23rd July 2014
    All staff were very helpfull and friendly. we would definitely recommend the trip to others. Staff were also very kind to our children and ensuring they enjoyed also. The variety + amount od activities was good. We would like ti make travelled futher away
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