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Why should your customers stay two nights in Halong Bay, Vietnam ?


Many of our passengers tell us that they would have chosen a longer cruise option if they had known it was possible. Why? To relax and enjoy the scenery, to go further in the bay and avoid the crowds and to participate in more excursions. So how can you encourage them to book a two night trip?
The main difference between a day cruise or overnight cruise and a longer cruise (two nights or more) is that a cruise for two days or less doesn’t allow enough time to travel deep into the bay, which actually covers more than 1500 km2.  Cruising time is limited and the boat cannot reach areas located really far from the shore. And as most boats (out of the 500 boats in Halong Bay) are focusing on two day cruises or less, all of them are going to the same places. For high-end travelers, sharing the experience of a cruise in one of the most beautiful bays in the world with a hundred of other boats is likely to lead to complaints if expectations are not set in advance. Cruises of two nights or more allow cruise operators to offer trips which go deeper into Halong Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin, and, therefore, to less frequented areas. A visit to the most secluded areas of the bay makes for a more exclusive cruise and guests will discover unique places such as Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bays, and the National Park of Cat Ba Island and its primary forest.
Guests should also take into account the journey to the Bay, which is around 3hrs 30mins along a crowded highway. On a day or one night cruise this means that guests will spend a lot of  time on a bus, rather than relaxing on-board and enjoying the scenery. Many travelers to Vietnam will not have a choice, because of their budget or time-restraints, but a two night trip to Halong Bay is a worthwhile investment for those who have the time and finances.
The Au Co, Bhaya Cruises’ latest ship, offers the first and only continuous itinerary of three days and two nights in the Gulf of Tonkin, giving priority to exclusive areas thanks to a cruise of more than 100kms (most of the overnight cruises will cruise 25km at best). With the only two ships in the area offering daily departures for such journeys, Bhaya Cruises is a pioneer in the world of luxury cruising. For more information, please contact Armand CHEVEUX at or have a look at The Au Co website:

The Au Co First Ship Is Launched



Halong Bay, 24th April 2012
The Au Co Cruises is proud to announce the launch of its first luxury Halong Bay cruise ship. Commissioned into service in March 2012, the new ship will offer travelers a truly authentic and unique experience deep in Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin. With this launch, The Au Co is taking standards of luxury to a whole new level and introducing a fresh and innovatively original cruising style to Vietnam.


After successfully completing her sea trials and shake-down cruises, The Au Co is ship-shape and ready to forge ahead on a new course for the world of cruising in Halong Bay and The Gulf of Tonkin.
With an exceptional cruise experience, designed to not only provide guests with superlative onboard services, but also to explore some of the most superb and least frequently visited areas of Vietnam’s premier travel destination.
The Au Co definitely sets itself apart from the competition. The culinary experience, inspired by the ‘five cuisine elements’ concept offers every palate the best of Vietnamese and Western taste sensations and flavors. Service excellence and elegance, and refinement in design and decoration are to the fore. The Au Co is undeniably a cruise experience to leave lifetime memories.
Eagerly awaited, The Au Co combines state-of-the-art safety and innovative Oriental Design, providing luxury and elegance in every detail. Each ship has 32 spacious cabins of 20m2 or larger, accommodating a maximum 70 passengers each. Cabins boast private balconies and ensuite bathrooms. Numerous activities onboard and enroute activities complement the culinary experience and the ambiance - sure to please both the active traveler and those seeking pure relaxation or leisure.
”We've spent the last four years working on the building, fitting-out and tour design for this unique ship and cruise experience. It has fantastic to see the success of the first shake-down cruises and receive the positive feedback they have generated. We believe this new type of cruise will differentiate us and help clearly define our Halong Bay and Tonkin Gulf cruises as one of the best possible vacations in Vietnam” said the CEO, Mr. Tran Thanh Nam.
About The Au Co
Youngest fleet of luxury cruise operator in Halong Bay, The Au Co's fleet consists of two luxuriously appointed boutique cruise ships with an average capacity of 70 guests each, specializing exclusively in three days two nights voyages in the Gulf of Tonkin.



It all began as a Legend. Back in time, in a land where the mountains meet the sea, a beautiful, young fairy Au Co, falls in love with Long Quan, the Dragon Lord of the Sea. Their children, better known as the Hung Kings, became the early leaders of ancient Vietnam.


In March 2012, Halong Bay’s premier cruise provider ‘Bhaya Cruises’ will be launching two unique, new vessels dedicated to the ‘Mother of Vietnamese Civilization’, which will soon become legends themselves. The Au Co is the first and only luxury operator to offer 3days 2nights cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Edgar Cayanan, Cruise Operation Manager: “The Au Co plans to set new standards in terms of luxury. It will present a journey guaranteeing its guests an experience of a lifetime. The Au Co’s daily trip will not only lead through the natural wonders of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Halong Bay, it will also discover the Bays of Lan Ha and Bai Tu Long. Cat Ba Island and its renowned National Park will also be revealed.”

The vessels combine state of the art safety standards and innovative Oriental Design, providing luxury and dedication in every detail. Each ship has 32 spacious cabins of minimum 20 square meters each. It also boasts private balconies and well-equipped bathrooms. The numerous activities en route, the culinary experiences and the atmosphere will please both the active traveler and those just seeking pure relaxation. Whether you enjoy the stunning scenery, a wellness treatment or a glass of wine from the Chef’s exclusive selection, the trip promises to be an unforgettable one.
Tran Thanh Nam, CEO of the group: “The Au Co strives to provide minimum impact on the local environment and will operate under the concept of sustainable tourism. It’s the owners’ major goal and commitment to support local communities and conserve the beauty of the Gulf of Tonkin for future generations.”
Travel Agents, Tour Operators and the Press are welcome to meet the Au Co team at IFTM Top Resa in France (20-23 Sep, 2011), ITB Asia in Singapore (19 – 21 Oct, 2011) and WTM in UK (07-10 Nov, 2011).