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Sustainable Cruises

halong bay cruise - sustainable cruising
Clean-up drive in Halong Bay

We believe that a luxury cruise in Halong Bay can be eco-friendly. We aim to preserve the beauty of the Gulf of Tonkin for future generations by minimizing the impact on the local environment, operating under the concept of sustainable tourism, and supporting local communities. Hence, our Halong Bay tours are environment friendly.

The Au Co Team is committed to providing a truly safe and sustainable luxury cruise. Booking your cruise with us you can rest assured that you are directly supporting a company that is actively seeking to minimize any negative environmental impact and that is constantly striving to create significant development opportunities for local communities. 
We are aware of the impact that cruise tourism can have on delicate ecosystems if it is not managed responsibly, and have therefore set up a dedicated team that is developing opportunities for conservation and sustainable development. To address various challenges to sustainable development we are establishing close working relationships with all major stakeholders to conserve and protect the quality of the natural, social and cultural resources in and around Halong Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin. We are passionate about the Gulf of Tonkin’s natural landscapes and resources so it is only logical for us to operate in a way that doesn’t harm the unspoiled locations we visit. We are also committed to the local communities; their way of life, culture and traditions add significantly to our passengers’ positive cruise experience.
For us, supporting a sustainable future through The Au Co helps us to protect the resources on which our cruise business is built. Contributing to the sustainability of the Gulf of Tonkin as a destination will not only help to ensure that our passengers have a safe, enjoyable experience, but also that the destination remains healthy and attractive for future generations of passengers.
Au Co Green Farm
halong bay cruise -  sustainable cruises
Launching of the Au Co Organic Farm in the support of Viet Hai Village

On the second day of your cruise you will visit Cat Ba Island, and have the opportunity to experience one of our sustainable tourism initiatives in practice. 
The local community in Cat Ba’s Viet Hai village make a meagre living from cultivating pearls and catching seafood, with only limited tourism and agricultural activities being carried out by the locals. As a result, the community have limited access to vegetables, as they don’t grow them themselves, plus it is expensive to purchase them from the mainland.
The Au Co, and our sister Bhaya Cruises, are in need of a regular, year-round supply of good quality vegetables. By establishing and monitoring the green farm in Viet Hai we are able to guarantee a year-round supply of 100% organic locally-sourced, high quality agricultural produce for our passengers to enjoy.
Simultaneously, The Au Co Green Farm is enabling the community of Viet Hai village to diversify their local economy and helping them to be more independent, by reducing their reliance on ‘importing’ more expensive vegetables from outside the village.

On all of our Halong bay cruises, we leave nothing behind except footsteps.