The Journey

The Au Co itinerary - the experience of a lifetime in the Gulf of Tonkin.  

Let Au Co takes you to an authentic Halong. Discover the hidden treasure here. Immerse in the amazing creation of God- Halong wonder. Revive your body to the fullest with onboard facilities. 

Off Board Excursion

Viet Hai Village: Viet Hai is a small village located in the midst of the jungles. Viet Hai covers a total area of 86.25 km² with a population of just 213 people. Life in the village still retains many of the primitive aspects of ancient civilizations. 

The village provides tourists with a wide number of attractions to discover while exploring the sights of Cat Ba island. The village offers visitors a warm and cozy greeting, making it a perfect choice for relaxing holiday destination.

In recent years, the number of foreign visitors coming to Viet Hai has increased gradually as they come to admire the cultural practices used by the local residents to live a rudimentary and self sufficient life. Visitors are able to bike to the village, allowing them to truly appreciate the beauty of Lan Ha Bay.

Viet Hai Village

 Biking to Viet Hai Village 

Cat Ba island: During the journey with The Au Co, you will arrive Cat Ba island to visit the Cat Ba national park. Within the park, you can explore the sights of the island as well as variety of valuable fauna and flora. Many species in Cat Ba national park are distinctive and listed in the World Red Book. Most typical is Cat Ba Langur which is in a protection project. 

Visitors are able to bike around the village to discover the daily life of local people here. The small village lies in the middle of jungle with pristine scenery. Biking and get to see the life on a traditional Vietnamese village will add a unique experience to your journey. 

Cat Ba island

Cat Ba Island

Surprise Cave: Surprise Cave, situated on Bo Hon island, is one of the most magnificent caves in both Halong Bay and Vietnam. The cave was discovered in 1901 by French explorers but it wasn't open to the public until 1994.

Covered in stalactites, stalagmites and a diverse composition of rocks, travelers can temporarily go out of this world with a good imagination. This is the largest grotto in Halong Bay, covering a space of approximately 10,000 sqm. 

Surprise Cave and the other caves in Halong Bay were formed as the area underwent geological processes that lasted as long as 500 million years. This spectacular seascape sculpted by nature is truly a treasure.

sung sot cave

Surprise Cave
On Board Activities

Bridge and engine room tour: This is a special tour offered by Captain. On the tour, you will get access to our engine room and bridge where the ship is operated. Normally, these places are authorised for staff only but aboard The Au Co we welcome our guests to come and see how we operate the ship and ensure a safe and smooth cruise. 

Bridge on The Au Co Luxury Cruise                                          

Happy Hour- Buy One Get One Free: Every afternoon, when you return from your excursions, our bar opens for happy hour, with buy one get one free on drinks. Take the opportunity to relax with some drinks and enjoy some scintillating conversation with your new friends on the ship. 

Happy hour on The Au Co Luxury Cruise

Movie showing: In the evening, if squid fishing or fruit carving doesn't take your fancy, watching a movie at the bar can be the perfect way to unwind. Enjoy some captivating cinema while sipping a cocktail under the night sky in Halong Bay.  

Movie showing on board The Au Co


Tai chi class: Start the day with a Tai Chi session with our own personal Tai Chi master on the top deck.  Harmonise  your inner energy and free yourself from any pain and stress to get ready for an active day ahead. 


Cooking Demonstration : During happy hour we organise a cooking class giving passengers the opportunity to make a traditional Vietnamese dish. Our chef will demonstrate how to make it and then you will do it yourself! Become a Vietnamese chef and have fun with a cooking class on The Au Co. 

cooking class on The Au Co


Fruit Carving: At around 9 in the evening come and witness the art of our fruit carving demonstration. You will see firsthand how the beautiful presentations on your buffet table are created. Join us as fruit and vegetables, including carrots and pumpkins, are transformed into roses, carnations and much more.


Squid fishing: A late night activity that peaks many guests' interest is squid fishing. Attracted by the light of the boat, sparkling squid will gather under your feet but to catch them is another story. A great challenge, and requiring much more patience than catching fish, squid fishing in Halong Bay an exciting experience that everyone should try once!

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