Bhaya Cruise supports the lastest decision of Halong Bay Board of Management


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Bhaya Cruise supports the lastest decision of Halong Bay Board of Management

Urgent measures to be taken by the local authorities include banning the handling of cargo in bulk in the area and treating wastewater and sewage discharged into the bay. These measures will be implemented by 2013. They will also closely monitor companies involved in industrial production and urban projects, and raise public awareness around environmental protection.


The province will establish an association charged with educating people on environmental matters that affect the Halong Bay area, acting as an advisor to issue an exclusive decree on Halong Bay management and installing environmental observation stations around the Bay.

As well as being the largest cruise operator in Halong Bay, Bhaya Cruises is also pioneering sustainable and responsible tourism and aims to integrate environment management into all of its business processes: The company regularly runs "Clean the bay" campaigns to raise awareness on the issue of pollution and to call for practical action to protect the natural environment. The water cleaning systems on all boats have been designed to prevent waste water from discharging directly into the Bay; and Bhaya Cruises also actively supports and educates its staff and crew on its "Reduce, Re-use and Recycle Policy". This includes reducing water consumption (and informing passengers about water saving measures), minimising the use of plastic packaging and paper, and encouraging re-use of items such as water bottles and brochures.

 The Bhaya Cruises team also plays its part in local community development through a number of initiatives .The Company develops its partnerships with local communities such as in Viet Hai village with The Au Co organic farm, named after The Au Co, the newest luxury brand of Bhaya Cruises, and in Vung Vieng floating village in Bai Tu Long Bay. Those projects aim to enable local communities to diversify their local economy and improve their living standards, while also providing passengers with an enjoyable and rewarding excursion and high quality products.

Bhaya Cruises further supports local communities through providing free cruise boat experiences and school equipment to children from fishing villages and contributing to school development and environmental educational programmes organised by Killara and Kimballa high schools in Australia.

Mr Tran Thanh Nam, Chairman of Bhaya Cruises says: "We aim to preserve the beauty of the Gulf of Tonkin for future generations by minimising the impact on the local environment, operating under the concept of sustainable tourism, and supporting local communities. When booking your cruise with us you can rest assured that you are directly supporting a company that is actively seeking to minimise any negative environmental impact and that is constantly striving to create significant development opportunities for local communities."