Special Promotion for June - Free BBQ Dinner in Grotto


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Special Promotion for June - Free BBQ Dinner in Grotto

The Au Co cruise offers a special & extravagant dinner in Grotto totally free of charge for guests joining our 3 days 2 nights cruise. Stay in luxurious cabin & enjoy free Seafood BBQ dinner in grotto with The Au Co crew - limited within this coming June only!

In part of the 2nd year anniversary of Au Co Cruises, we are giving away a special once in a lifetime promo for all of you!

Have the most romantic and extravagant dinner of your life with Au Co Cruises! Go on a journey along the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ha Long Bay and enjoy the stunning views plus the outdoor activities that we have prepared for you and your partner. Stay in a luxurious cabin while spending the time cruising along in one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Book your summer trip with the Au Co for June 2014 and get a free Seafood BBQ Dinner in Grotto. Check out the detailed itinerary and special offer here: 3Days 2Nights Cruise