The Au Co Cruise launches new CSR initiative in January 2017

Following the hugely successful cleanup event in June 2016,The Au Co Luxury Cruise , in corporation with IUCN and other partners are now gearing up for our next event “Action for a green Halong” on January the 10th. 

Action for a green Halong 2016
Action for a green Halong 2016 has archived great susccess 

The Au co Luxury Cruise has expanded the format to include more of our local partners and this time we have the US Ambassador to Viet Nam Ted Osius and other senior government officials in attendance. After the last event in June, the Ha Long Peoples Committee issued a ban on the use of polystyrene and called for its replacement. This was a great victory for the protection of the marine eco system. Polystyrene is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the top 5 most hazardous production processes, producing more than 50 chemicals as a byproduct of the combustion process. 

Mr. Ted Osius-US Ambassador                                                                                 US Ambassador - Mr. Ted Osius

Bhaya Group has committed to conducting this event at least twice a year to continue raising awareness of the protection of our oceans. In just 30 years there could be more plastic in the sea than what there are fish. Everyone should be concerned about this. We do also believe that real success doesn’t come through lone corporate efforts – all stakeholders in the public and private sector have to be working towards the same goal. IUCN is a key partner in all of Bhaya’s endeavors and is an example of how important it is for a collaborative effort.

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