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CSR - Bhaya green

The earth is in trouble. Global warming, acid rain, deforestation... add up to make a threat to our green planet. Every little action we make every day has an impact on environment. Halong Bay is a famous world heritage site which facing challenges from environmental degradation.

As the biggest cruise operator in Halong Bay, we must do something and we did. Bhaya Green is the collection of multiple campaigns and partnership in the effort to preserve Halong Bay legacy. Bhaya Green pursues practices to protect local environment and sustains its natural resources for the next generation. This project aims to multi-purposes including: 

Bhaya Green

  1. Carbon offsetting: No business can operate without a carbon footprint. “Carbon offsetting is an internationally recognised way to take responsibility for unavoidable carbon emissions” (climate care). We reduce the carbon emission through a variety of projects.
  • Green Office: Bhaya Group is committed to Using low energy Led light bulbs; Installing toilet cisterns with reduced flow capability; Replacing all obsolete equipment with energy efficient ones. Two onboard campaign “Switch it off” and “Towel reuse” are running across all cruises.

GreenOffice - Bhaya Green


  • Support carbon reduction by joining Earth Hour. At the same time, all boats in our fleet turned off power in one hour together with million properties in the world. We also encourage our passengers to join us.

EarthHour - Bhaya Group 

  • Tree planting projects: trees absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis to produce oxygen. Hence, planting trees is an easy, inexpensive way to sequester carbon emissions. On March 2017 Bhaya Group joined HGFoundation for the “Roots and Fruits” campaign which bring more green to Viet Hai village.

Roots and Fruit - Bhaya Green 

  1. Minimize impact on local environment

  • Once in two days or three days, our cruises will come back to the port. Each time, all waste onboard will be transported to waste disposal facilities. Like solid waste, wastewater also received proper treatment right onboard. Bhaya Group’s fleet is one of the first companies in Halong bay to apply advanced wastewater treatment which treats both greywater and blackwater. Not only onboard, but also our on-shore office and all representatives office do the garbage separation.
  • Bhaya Group has become a close partner with IUCN in “Action for a Green Halong” campaign for years. This is a cleanup event on Halong and is a part of Halong - Cat Ba Alliance

Bhaya Green

  • Save the langur: As a cruise operator in Halong Bay, we actively support The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project. The project was launched in November 2000 with the main objective of halting the impending extinction of the Cat Ba Langur (rare animal listed in World Red Book

Save The Langur - Bhaya Group

  3. To raise awareness for employees and build responsible corporate culture

  • A variety of Bhaya Green practices we have been doing successfully thanks to participation and support of all Bhaya-ers. These CSR activities have become the culture within the company that defines what and how we work. Not only external CSR events but also internal works within the company are considered as a good action to protect environment. We believe that our green Halong Bay and the whole planet would be much better, cleaner and greener if our operation procedure daily meets highly eco-friendly process and our staffs continue what they are doing.
  • Follow us to share our vision towards our beloved planet and diffuse the spirit of Bhaya Green to the community! Bhaya Group Facebook Fanpage & Bhaya Green on Bhaya Group website
Source: Bhaya Group
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