Earth Hour Celebration at The Au Co Luxury Cruise

“Earth Hour” is an initiative launched by  World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The event aims at raising awareness to global sustainability issues. Over the last 10 year Earth Hour have involved many businesses, and landmarks all over the world. 

This year, The Au Co Luxury Cruise take part in this worldwide movement by displaying posters on board and posting a notice on our website and Facebook fan page to help spread the Earth Hour message. 

Join Bhaya Group for Earth Hour 2017
The Au Co Cruise's Poster in support of Earth Hour 

On March 25, All The Au Co Luxury Cruise’s fleets will turn off non-essential lights and engines for one hour from 20:30 till 21:30. Our guests are encouraged to join us by simply turning off lights, TV and other electrical appliances in their room.

During Earth Hour, we offer an extended “Happy Hour” at Lan Ha bar. Guest will enjoy a second complimentary drink prepared by our talented bartenders following their paid order. Sipping a cocktail beneath starry sky of Halong Bay is an ideal way to spend a memorable and meaningful Earth Hour onboard The Au Co Luxury Cruise.

With constant efforts, The Au Co Luxury Cruise and our beloved passengers contribute to the protect the planet we call home. 

To learn more about our environmental activities, please follow our official fanpage and website.

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