Result of the "Action for a green Halong" Campaign, 2017

On January 10th, Bhaya Group began the New Year by successfully organising the second Action for a Green Ha Long clean-up event, in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other partners. It was a pleasure to have in attendance The US Ambassador to Vietnam, His Excellence Ted Osius. 

The Au Co-CSR 2017The US Ambassador -Mr.Ted Osius joined The Au Co in clean up event

Action for a Green Ha Long is one of the most popular campaigns currently promoting the importance of environmental protection in the renowned World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay. In the event's second installment, more than 100 volunteers were selected to participate.

There were five teams tasked with cleaning up trash in the Vung Ha area of Ha Long Bay. The teams collected over 9000 items which filled 244 bags, weighing approximately 664 kg. Polystyrene was the most common item collected during the event, accounting for 66% of the total waste. Other waste items such as plastic drink bottles, rubber flip-flops and grocery bags made up a further 23%.

The Au Co CSR 2017Participation of more than 100 volunteers 

The success of the second Action for a Green Ha Long reaffirmed Bhaya Group’s commitment towards environmental protection; a fundamental goal to achieving their vision of sustainable tourism. Bhaya Group is aiming to conduct this campaign at least twice a year. In doing so, they hope to preserve the nature of Ha Long Bay and beyond, not only through individual efforts, but by raising awareness in the community and encouraging environmental responsibility. 

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