A Sustainable Full Moon Cruise With The Au Co

The Mid-Autumn Festival has been celebrated for thousands of years in Vietnam and children are the center on that day. The festival is held annually on the 15th of August as determined by the lunar calendar. On this occasion, all members of the family will gather around to enjoy traditional mooncakes while admiring the marvelous round moon. 

DIY star lantern in an eco-friendly version

During this season, The Au Co offers more fun and unique activities for families on board which emphasize the magical Mid-Autumn Festival. The star lantern is the children's main spirit during the festival.  Therefore, there will be a DIY session for all passengers to join in creating this toy. All passengers will have the opportunity to make their traditional star lanterns from paper straws under the guidance of cruise staff. 

Along with delivering the cultural ambiance, The Au Co also strives to provide a more meaningful and sustainable travel experience. This is why changing the traditional plastic material to a more eco-friendly one is necessary. 

Making white sticky rice cake during MasterChef session

If the star lantern plays a key role in the Mid-Autumn Festival decoration, the mooncakes are the must-eat seasonal delicacy.  Traditional mooncakes are round and nicely decorated which symbolize prosperity and family reunion.

Mooncakes are only available on this festival and offered among friends or in family gatherings in a variety of sizes and flavors. The two most common types are white sticky rice moon cake and baked moon cake with salted egg yolk in the center representing the full moon. 

It is not a complete Mid-Autumn Festival without sharing and indulging in mooncakes. In this September, passengers will be able to join a very special edition of MasterChef: to make their own moon cakes following guide of The Au Co’s Chef. 

Using both cultural and eco-friendly elements

The Au Co cruise is the only Queen in the Gulf of Tonkin cruising continuously in three days to return some of the most mesmerizing panorama views and allow passengers to immerse in the authentic Vietnamese culture experience. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most significant celebrations in Vietnam, The Full Moon Cruise is created to let our guests truly live in the magical beauty of Nature while taking part in our activities on board.

Our chefs are the masters of fruit-carving and have demonstrated their skill in all itineraries. On the Full Moon Cruise, the works are further and beyond - a masterpiece resonating with the chef’s passion and genuine Mid-Autumn sense. Decoration of star lanterns, face masks, and fruit stations is not only letting our guests know about the  Vietnamese tradition but also includes concentration on our sustainability mindset: everything must either be eco-friendly or recyclable. 

More than anything, The Full Moon Cruise values the importance of both culture and sustainability because without having fun consciously to the environment, the culture will hardly be the legacy for our children later on.

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