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Xin Chao Viet Hai

"Xin chao Viet Hai" means "Hello Viet Hai" which is the welcoming name for our newly launched campaign. The official launching date is May 6, 2017. This community-based campaign focuses on our relationship with Viet Hai commune. Bhaya Group have become a close partner for the people of Viet Hai. We purchase fruit and vegetables grown in the local farm to support farmers here. Previously, during the “Roots and Fruits” campaign we planted 60 fruit trees in the surrounding farm area to contribute to the natural beauty and to eventually harvest their fruits. Viet Hai village is an favourite site for all passengers comming to Halong.Therefore, we want the guests to understand more about its uniqueness and to bring this “isolated paradise” to life. To do so, our team have come up with two initiatives - “close up” and “island life”. “Close up” initiative is the idea to share stories about local people. They are ordinary people but they live a fascinating life.

Xin Chao Viet HaiXin Chao Viet HaiXin Chao Viet HaiXin Chao Viet HaiXin Chao Viet Hai




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