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Safety on Board

Q: What are the safety procedures in case of an emergency aboard The Au Co?


A: Your safety is our number one priority. In case of emergency, please put on the life vest and gather at the reception area. Follow the instructions of the cruise manager or chief purser. Your cabin is also equipped with a hammer for breaking the window and an emergency lamp. Tender boats and lifeboats are ready and there are enough places for all passengers on board.

Q: What is the main contact point in case of emergencies during the cruise?


A: The reception area is the central point on board and our staff are on 24 hour standby behind the reception desk.

Q: What should I do if I forget something on board?


A: If you have some missing or damaged luggage, or wish to enquire about an item you may have left on board, please email us at When contacting us, please give us your full name, cabin number and the cruise date.

Q: Are lifeboats and life vests available on board The Au Co?


A: Yes, the lifeboats are located on the Sundeck; each accommodates a maximum of 12 people. In addition, life vests are available in each cabin, under your bed, in the dining area, under your chairs, and in the tender boat; so please check for those once on board. You are recommended to wear a life jacket for all excursions, kayaking and swimming activities.

Q: Do you have a medical service or doctor on board The Au Co?


A: While there is no on board doctor as part of the crew, The Au Co is equipped with a First Aid Kit and a basic medicine supply. Please ensure you bring adequate supplies of prescription medications to cover the duration of your trip. We also recommend that you bring medicines for colds, fever and diarrhea. Of course while we hope you will not need them, it is always better to be prepared.


Should you encounter a serious medical emergency requiring onshore assistance, our tender can return to the pier and take you to the nearest hospital within one hour. Indeed, the whole boat can be returned to the pier within two hours. If you or one of your cruise companions is feeling ill, please inform the Reception Desk immediately.

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